Assorted Icons
Northcenter Chamber of Commerce 2020 Gift Guide
I used icons to create a visual chart of various safer shopping options offered as part the the Chamber's annual holiday gift guide. I created all but the curbside pickup, which is a stock graphic that I modified. This chart was also used as a stand-alone digital piece in email and social media promotions for shopping local.
Swedish Covenant Hospital Summer Social Community Event 2019
Icons created to represent the four categories of pre-event classes and workshops and related day-of-the-event activities. The color background for each of the categories was repeated in graphics used in designing the promotional materials. (Note: In January 2020, Swedish Covenant Hospital became part of the NorthShore University HealthSystem, and the name changed to Swedish Hospital.)
Swedish Covenant Hospital Summer Social Community Event 2018
Icons were created to represent event activities and offerings were used in both promotional print pieces,  emails and social media posts.
Swedish Covenant Hospital Strategic Plan
These icons were developed to create a header for emails, reports, and PowerPoint presentations, as well as to be used individually.

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